Taylor GS Mini Guitar Review

Published: 29th March 2011
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Presenting a small size guitar that has a full size sound. Great at any place, at any given time. The tone is really on the "brighter" side, plus it carries a loud as well as distinct fundamental. The small scale makes it a piece of cake to play. Its sound is incredibly brilliant, and also the volume is actually big for a really smaller guitar.

There won't be lots of frills, and that is a positive thing, to help keep the cost lower. The top part is spruce, along with the back as well as sides are laminate. Its neck, common on pretty much every Taylor I have played is excellent. This Mini can easily hold its own within a jam plus sounds great, additionally it is handy due to its small size.

Not merely will this suit precisely what it is said to be (a smaller, more affordable, exciting guitar that does not sacrifice sound), but it surely will always make you wish to carry on playing. It's just like a new lover! Its neck is actually as fantastic as it gets, frets fully in line, incredibly full as well as rich sound.

It comes in a bag that is thick plus well made, together with backpack straps. Additionally, the choice with the ES pickup system helps make this an awesome investment if you intend on plugging it into an amplifier sometime soon. This guitar is definitely wonderful for a large variety of people whether you are planning to upgrade, take a trip, or perhaps get an inexpensive guitar for you to kick around, then this is actually the best guitar.

Taylor has nailed it on this niche product plus I think they are going to broaden the mini series, and also much more wood range from now on due to the accomplishment with the GS Mini. There's only one thing I didn't like about it: The actual string spacing can feel a bit narrow compared to the one on the full size instrument.

I recommend this kind of guitar to virtually anybody, apart from somebody with huge hands, because it could easily get kind of cramped to the fretboard. However, if you want a good quality guitar that has good style, fantastic sound, simple put pickup system, as well as portability, look no further. This GS Mini is perfect for you.

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