Mackie ProFx12 USB Mixer

Published: 12th April 2011
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Whilst looking into this Mackie Profx12 Mixer I got shocked with the limited number of on-line reviews accessible. Probably that is because till lately I did not actually know this mixer been around - Mackie doesn't seem to be marketing this production as intensely as the Onyx group of mixers as well as the well known VLZ-Pro series.

What a pity, because this is certainly an awesome mixer which provide brand-new features not found in its old VLZ line whilst sustaining Mackie's high standards with product top quality as well as longevity.

The similarities with Mackie's VLZ line mixers are several - the actual input/output parts along with channel strips are the same, offering instant familiarity for any individual who has utilized any Mackie before.

A vital difference well worth mentioning: the particular level set/solo functionality in the VLZ line is changed by single levels set LEDs at each one channel input. I like setting up the pre-fader gain with the advantage of the multi-segment LED signal, though the individual, channel particular LED signals are nonetheless completely serviceable.

The actual mic pre's for the ProFX mixers will not be Mackie's really vaunted XDR style found on its VLZ-Pro mixers, yet these are fresh, quiet, top quality mic pre's which will please virtually any live sound reinforcement as well as recording program.

One particular function absent on the ProFX mixers will be single channel outs - should you be performing multitrack recording and if you require this flexibility, you should look somewhere else. As well long gone is the VLZ series ALT 3 to 4 routing to the mute buttons.

The important cash incentives with this mixer will be these fresh features absent on the VLZ models: a graphic EQ, on-board effects, as well as USB connectivity. Mackie truly did its groundwork with its RM 32-bit Fx chip.

10 from the 16 effects will be reverbs, plus they are warm, state, rich sounding reverbs which create superb ambience for a mix. One particular great linked function is the footswitch intended for switching the effects on and off during a live show.

If you need the additional versatility provided by an alternative effects device, the particular Fx send mix is actually shown over a mono effects send which can be in conjunction with a set of stereo returns. Its graphic EQ is one more great add-on which gives additional sound sculpting tools compared to Mackie's quite musical THREE-band channel strip EQ knobs.

Lastly, the particular USB connectivity helps make this a completely modern mixer which will connect effortlessly straight into your computer since it can in a set of powered PA monitors. You can download the traction 3 program for free should you not currently have recording software.

This Mackie Profx12 Mixer is manufactured around China in case that is important for you.

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